Ambady Balasramam, Thiruvalla is a charitable re-settlement center for the upliftment of the neglected children who struggle for their existence. It is a painful fact that majority of Indian population is below poverty line. Extreme poverty malnutrition, diseases exploitation mental depression, social suppression etc are systematically destabilizing the life of these innocent citizens. Even after six decades of independence the fruits of democratic process and welfare movements have not been yet reached to them. >> read more


Presently the home is run in our own house at Podiyadi near Thiruvalla. Due to lack of space and the financial constraints we are unable to accommodate more persons and we have to move over this project to a house capable of accommodating a larger number. We have already purchased 40 cents of property and have started construction works also. As of now, this organization is having a land to mouth existence with lack of finance affecting our every day activities, it is sum solely by the help of the local population and a few benefactors in and around Podiyadi and Thiruvalla.     >>more


Orphans and destitute children from weaker sections of the society are admitted at the age of 6 on wards. They are given food, clothes, medicine and other kind of help to become good utilities.

School children are admitted from the nearby recognized schools learning to know learning to do learning to hire together is in calculated from the beginning.

REG. NO. P 1448/2000

Your Donation can be sent direct to A/c No. 30006621768
SBI, Manipuzha
Secretary Ambady Balasrama
Podiyadi P.O., Thiruvalla
Kerala, India.

Why the word
"Seva(Service)" instead of Charity
Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsar.

  " Jatra Jiv Ththra Shiv"

Wherever there is a living being there is a Shiva.
"Jine daya Noy. shiv gyane jiv seba".
Not kindness to living beings, but serving the living being as Shiva himself.